The Golden Dragon Inn

The largest building in the town of Kennel , Hennik Keavaris makes sure that the Inn is open to any visitors, newcomers and return visitors alike.

The building itself is made out of wood, stained slightly darker than most of the buildings in Kennel. There are windows around the bottom, each separated by wall to ensure ample lighting inside, as well as a view in to draw in potential customers. The entrance is two large oaken doors, each with red ‘Welcome’ letters written into it.

On top of the building, there is a wooden carving of a Golden Dragon sleeping.

Once inside the main entrance, customers would enter into the tavern area. A bar is seen across the room from the entrance, with stairs leading up to the bar’s left (customer facing the bar’s right.) There are tables set up, all long tables to encourage conversation. If entered during the day, the smell of food is strong as Auden Swiftfoot is always taking pride in his work.

Upstairs are the rooms themselves. There are 8 rooms in total, four on each side of a walkway after walking up the stairs. The rooms are simple, two beds in them a piece with a nightstand, a desk, and a window. Each room is slightly customized, some have flower pots, some have hand drawn posters on the wall.

The Golden Dragon Inn

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